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Those deepest secrets that scares you just to think about it. 

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Please, stop. You’re not the only one crying here, not the only one suffering.. stop being selfish and understand other people’s pain. Give them their space.

Take the time you need to think.. Take a moment to breath, to put in balance what it’s worth it and what’s it’s not, take time to understand who you are right now, what are your goals and the people you want around you. Just take your time. 

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Hey guys, any requests? :D 

Tell me your favourite: music, book, movie, tv serie, band, or some random quotes ;)



Tumblr love us so much that it actually celebrates when we get a follower:



But if Tumblr really loved us, it would comfort us when we get unfollows:

Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past & present. And by each crime & every kindness, we birth our future. - Cloud Atlas, 2012

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sorry I can’t  :// this is a sideblog